Meet Our Illustrators - Krista Heij-Barber

Hi, I'm Krista. I am a Canadian, transplanted to Florida, transplanted to the what does that make me besides super cold?! Haha! I used to work at Walt Disney Animation in Florida and am now Illustrating full time and enjoying the work I do for Whimsy Stamps!

1. Some of my favorite Whimsy products are the rubber stamps of course ;) and if I could
have matching die cuts, that is the “look” I like best. I love to co-ordinate my images with
patterned papers as a background or even an accent, such as a heart.
2. My super power..... oh boy, I really wish I had super speed. So I could get everything done in a day that needs to be done.
3. A couple things that would surprise anyone....1. I can pick up objects with my feet. 2. I am
quite an introvert, although many artists are.
4. My favorite color combo has to be teal/aqua, grey and a pale, pale pink. Really anything
combined with teal. My favorite coloring medium is digital. As you can tell by the Whimsy
ads I color all my stuff digitally. I also love coloring with colored pencils. I am really hoping
to do some videos on that in 2018.
5. If I had to survive on 3 food, I think it would be water, cream and coffee. That pretty much
says it all. :)

My favorite stamp that I’ve done for Whimsy... that’s a hard one. I never am happy with what I do, like a true artist. ;)  I am partial to the “Sledding Time” and the “Sledding Snowman”. I love the movement these have.

                    Sledding Snowman   Sledding Time


  1. Loved reading your bio Krista! Your images are so fun and whimsical. Lovely to read a little more about 'you'. xoxo


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