Whimsy Stamps ~ Summer Crafternoon Tea with the Treasures Team

 Hey Whimsy friends,
I love a good high tea and I'd so love a real
crafternoon tea with these amazing ladies!
But as we live in all the corners of the earth,
I'll settle for a virtual crafternoon tea.

These amazingly talented ladies have been bringing the magic
all Summer long with their gorgeous creations,
too many to share them all, but here are some highlights!

Summer Highlights ~ Castles and Underwater Worlds

Mermaids and Beach Huts

Fabulous Beach Frogs & Clam Shells

Mushroom Wishes & Fairy Kisses

You've Got A Pizza My Heart

Cosmic Comic Creations

Thank you for staying with us right to the end of this long post!
We hope you're leaving inspired and excited to do some creating yourself.
We will be back very soon with some more inspiration for you
from our wonderfully talented Treasures Team. 

Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

The Treasures Team

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