Meet Our Illustrators - Kirsten Winkelbauer

My name is Kirsten and I'm an illustrator and designer working with the incredible team at Whimsy Stamps! I love coming up with cute, fun designs that can vary from silly to spooky, and using vibrant colors in my finished pieces. While I'm new to stamping and paper crafting, I've loved how easily I've been able to merge my experiences with illustration into a new medium!

List 3 Things Someone Would Be Surprised to Learn About You:
1) I love spooky things, but I'm terrified of scary movies and stories
2) I will eat almost anything except rice pudding and quiche
3) Even though I've had dogs my whole life, I have a mild pet dander allergy. I just deal with it :)

What Is Your Favorite Color Combo and Favorite Coloring Medium? I love how different hues of mint and peach look together! I think pastels are super pretty but that's definitely my favorite. I prefer working in watercolors or markers more than anything else.

What Do You Like Most About Being A Member of the Whimsy Creative Team? I love being in a community of other crafters and creators who not only inspire me to make beautiful, fun things, but are also incredibly sweet and supportive people!

What Challenges You When Stamping/Crafting? I feel like I struggle with making up my mind about a design before jumping into it. I always have a million different ideas I want to try, so sometimes I'll be halfway through a project and decide to try something new right in the middle of it. Sometimes it works and I come out with something great, but other times it'll end up more of a learning experience of what does and doesn't work well together. In some situations, reigning in creative energy can be just as hard trying to generate it! But I feel lucky to have a creative outlet that lets me try all those new ideas, even if they don't always work.

My favorite Whimsy design that I've created do far is "Smiles and Surprises." I just like the pose and design of how silly and big the present is. It's also the stamp I use the most when making cards and gift tags for presents I give to people, so it's been well loved and used by me!

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