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Hi, I'm Faye and I have been on the Whimsy Stamps Design Team for over two years. It is a completely fab family to be a part of. As well as being addicted to Copics (and choklit), I'm Wife, Mum, Obsessive Colourist, and E-mail/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Pinterest/ Blog Stalker. How do I fit all that into a day? Simples. I run on Fairy Dust. Yep, sense of humour features in here too. When I’m not doing any, or all of the above, you’ll find me daydreaming about doing them. I've burnt the dinner on many occasions because of it!

1.)    If you had to choose, what would your top 3 favorite Whimsy products be and why?  From Me to You. I ADORE this image and I use her in quite a few of my classes because she is fab for beginners, or you can go a bit fancy with her if you feel more confident. FaDoodles and FaDoodles Too. I’m a little bit proud of these.  Have you seen the new fairies? Oh. My. Word! Is that a good enough reason?

2.)    If you could have a super power, what would it be? Flash. I’d be him. You know the chap who runs around really, reeeeeeaaaaaalllly fast? I think that would be handy and might help me fit 36 hours into 24…

3.)    List 3 things someone would be surprised to learn about you? My favourite colour is yellow, but I find it hard to use in my work. I don’t like choklit ice cream. Try taking away my choklit though… I am painfully shy. I’ve just got very good at pretending!

4.)    What Whimsy stamp or stamp set could you not live without and why? Scripty Occasions. I love this sentiment set as it covers pretty much everything and I love the font too. It’s the set I always reach for if I find myself in a bit of a sentiment tight spot!

5.)    What is your favorite color combo and favorite coloring medium? Oh. No Fair! You’d get a different answer every day. But my medium is Copics. Ok, I’ve been using a lot of red recently (I wonder why!) and my current fave is; R43, R35 and R37. Or is it R22, R14 and R24? Ummmmm…

6.)    If you had to survive on just 3 foods, what would they be? Cake. Biscuits. Choklit. My dentist LOVES me!

7.)    What do you like most about being a member of the Whimsy Creative Team?
Working with Denise, who is awesome and the super talented design team.

8.)    What challenges you when stamping/crafting? I love colouring. But I don’t always love making cards. I struggle with that part, which is why my cards are so clean and simple. It means I can get back to colouring.

It's too hard to choose one favourite Whimsy card, (tooooo many gorgeous images!) but it's my favourite one at the moment. I think you could look at this card and know I had made it. And I'm pretty pleased with how the colouring on kraft went.


  1. Love this image and your coloring. Especially on the Kraft paper. Some people naturally run on fairy dust. I wish I could. [Bunny]

  2. Oh my goodness , I love the card you choose so much ! I love your coloring job, it’s so pretty !


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