Meet Our Illustrators - Deb Davis

Hi I’m Deb Davis and I work full time as the creative director at Whimsy Stamps.  It’s my job to keep us on trend, to develop fun new products and to be Denise’s right hand woman (best job ever).  I also have my own Amped2Stamp line of Whimsy products.  And since I’m a long-time avid stamper it’s a huge bonus that I get to design with our amazingly talented creative team too (best team ever).

1. If you had to choose, what would your top 3 favorite Whimsy products be and why? 1-Our clear stamp sets.  Because each set has so many options/possibilities and many combine with one another for even more versatility, I like getting the most I can out of any stamp set.  2-our new stencils, I love our designs and the quality is the best I’ve ever used.  3-our complementing dies, because I love the fact they can be used to cut out their matching stamp set images but they also include dies that can be used independently of the stamp set. 

2. If you could have a super power, what would it be?  Definitely time travel but if I could have a second one it would be to talk to animals.

3. What Whimsy stamp or stamp set could you not live without and why? I’d have to say Deepest Sympathy and Magical Birthday Wishes, because you always need birthday and sympathy sentiments.

4, What is your favorite color combo and favorite coloring medium? There’s no way I could pick just one favorite color combo because I love every color I ever met.  I do like some more than others so here are 3 long-time favs, pink-grey-white, red-black-white and anything pastel peachy/ corals with pastel turquois/aqua.  But ask me tomorrow and I’d probably give you a different answer.  Just like color combos I love all color mediums but this answer is a little easier since my go-to mediums are water coloring with either distress inks or pencils and Copic markers.

5.  If you had to survive on just 3 foods, what would they be? Well between what I don’t eat, what I can’t eat and what I won’t eat that pretty much really does leave me only 3 foods to survive on.  So those three foods would have to be fruit, seafood, potatoes and veggies, oh wait that’s 4 foods, okay I survive on 4 foods not 3.

6. What do you like most about being a member of the Whimsy Creative Team? Brainstorming with Denise, seeing all the creative projects the team makes with our products and being part of a diverse, innovative, professional team of encouraging and talented artists.

7. What challenges you when stamping/crafting? Not smudging in some way or another every single project that I make.

My favorite project would have to be this one using the Paws to Remember stamp set.  This was the first set I created for our Rainbow Bridge collection and is near and very dear to my heart for many reasons.

If I could pick another one it would be this one of Franken Schmutz, because he just cracks me up every time I see him and I love that my Monster Mash collection can be used all year long and aren’t  especially for Halloween at all.  Although Halloween is my favorite hands down. 

Thanks for letting me share some stuffs about myself, I’m so very blessed and grateful to be part of this amazingly wonderful world of Whimsy!

Stamping Hugs, Deb


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