TUTORIAL: Vintage Style with Shimmer!

Hello friends!  DT member Vicki from Stamped Smiles here to present you with a tutorial or several mini tutorials depending upon how you look at this!  So please pull up a chair and sip your coffee and follow along!

If you followed along with us on our recent Rubber Stamp Blog Hop, then you would have seen several really stunning New Releases from Whimsy Stamps!  I have chosen to work with this really stunning set called *Darling Daisies* set from the Crissy Armstrong Rubber Stamp Collection!
I think this set is absolutely gorgeous and I love the different variations/looks you can achieve with it!
I thought I would show you how I make a Vintage style look, but with a touch of Shimmer.  (I will warn you now that the photos will NOT do the beautiful shimmer any justice, but it's breath-taking in person!)
I'm also going to show how I've colored in my flower and the dimension I've achieved on it.  - You will have to wait until the end of this tutorial to see the finished project...or cheat and scroll down to the end! LOL!

So let's get started and here are a few items you will need to start with:
1. I've used a regular manila luggage type tag (3x6) in size - you can use any card stock, etc.
2.  VersaMark, clear embossing powder and heat gun
3.  a couple different colors of shimmer mist sprays, smooch, etc.
4.  sponges and or tissues
5.  choice of images, Copics or fav color media
I've used the following Copic marker colors for my flower :
Y11 - Pale Yellow
Y13 - Lemon Yellow
YR15 - Pumpkin Yellow
YG11 - Mignonette
YG63 - Pea Green
E31 - Brink beige
E25 - Caribe Cocoa
E57 - Light Walnut
C3 - Cool Grey (for outside edging) - see tutorial below for details
6. scissors, color catcher or something to protect work surface and clothing, black ink, embellishments

Step 1:  I've taken my tag and stamped the flourish element from the above stamp set along the edge of my tag with the VersaMark ink and heat embossed it with clear embossing powder...you will only barely be able to see the design in a certain light.

Step 2:  This is the part where you will need to set your embossed tag in a color catcher, box or something similar to protect your work surface and clothing from being sprayed.  Use a couple of different colors of Shimmer Mist sprays...or Smooch Spritz....or whatever you like to use and begin to spray various colors being careful to leave open spaces, spots when switching colors.

This is a photo showing you how your tag will end up looking when wet with spray and how it will curl...this is perfectly normal and will lie flat when dried.

Step 3:  When you have the sprays how you want them to look on your tag..WHILE IT'S STILL WET...you can take your sponge or tissue and begin to wipe over top of the embossed design..it will begin to "reveal" itself again through the shimmer sprays as the embossing resists it.  You can also always go back and spray in places that you want more or a different color..just be sure to wipe over tag with tissue when finished until you have the desired look you want achieved with it.

This is how my tag turned out after I've finished wiping it a couple of times and spraying it how I wanted it to look.  The photo does not show all of the gorgeous shimmer that's on this!  It was so hard to photograph that!

 Step 4 (optional):  To carry on with the Vintage-style, I've taken out my Distress Ink pad and sponged around the edges of the tag.

Step 5:  (Carrying out/finishing up this Vintage tag with details!)
I've now taken a couple of other images from this Darling Daisies set and stamped them on the tag with my black Brilliance Ink Pad.  (this ink pad is safe for use with Copic markers and will not smear.)

Step 6:  You will see after stamping on my tag, that I've got a "shadow" around my flower image.  I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW IF THE SHIMMER SPRAYS WILL RUIN YOUR COPIC MARKER...SO BE WARNED!  But I went ahead and used the BG10 - Cool Shadow to go around the outside edge on the tag.  You'll also noticed that I've stamped TWO more flowers with the black Brilliance ink pad on Cryogen White card stock which works wonderfully for coloring with your Copic markers! 

Step 7:  (Please keep in mind that I am NOT a certified Copic Instructor, this is just MY account of how I color and use my Copic markers..*wink)  You will notice that I have not fully colored in BOTH flower images, but I have colored them in accordance to the way they will be cut out and placed for depth on my tag creation!  For coloring, I usually outline the area first with my darkest color and work inwards with the lightest color following lastly for the look of high-lighting...it makes the images look more "realistic".  These markers work the best for this because they blend together beautifully!

Step 8:  And of course, you can see better here why I've colored the flowers the way I did as I've cut them out and how I will be layering them on my tag...

*TIP - A helpful tip when you are cutting out images is to always have the least amount of card stock excess around your image as possible as this makes it easier to cut around and get into small/tight areas.

Also, as you see in the photo above, I've taken my C3 - Cool Grey Copic marker to go around the edges of my cut pieces so that you don't see the whites edges around the images after cutting...makes for a 'cleaner look'.  You don't want to use a black color because it is much too brass/dark looking and will make your image look weird instead of natural looking.

Step 9:  Now you will take some dimensionals/pop dots or whatever you like to call them to stick on the back of your cut out flower images.  You will layer these on top of each other starting with the full cut out flower.  Notice that I did NOT place any dimension on the stem...I simply glued it down over top of the flower on the tag...makes it even more dimensional looking!

Here is the look of the first flower "over-lay" on the tag.  You can clearly see the white area where the next "layer" will be going and you can see the stem is flush with the tag as the leaves are sticking up.

And now you can see what all of the layers look like on top of the tag.  I've just shown you a side-view so that you can see all of the layers together.  You will now also be able to see all of the "white" areas that did not get color on them...including the leaves.  All I did for this was go back over the flower in the Y13 - Lemon Yellow Copic and color where you can see the white areas.  I also went back in with the YG11 - Mignonette Copic marker for the leaves where I saw the white areas.  After completed, this really makes your flower look like it's popping off your creation!
And now you are ready to complete your tag with other embellishments....
Here is my completed Vintage Shimmer tag!  The shimmer is what really gives this project character!  Don't forget you can do other really cool Vintage techniques with the Shimmer sprays like I did the Seam Binding Ribbon for instance...just tie your bow, spray your ribbon, scrunch it in a ball to "wrinkle" it...straighten it back out to your desire and you've got a wonderful shimmery Vintage ribbon look too!

So now you can use this tag as a gift/bookmark like it is, tie it on a gift box or bag, add it to a card or even a great accent for a scrapbook page if you like!

Thank you so much for stopping in today!!  I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and you will be getting out your Shimmer Sprays and Whimsy Stamps to play around too!!  HUGS

P.S.  I also have a *bonus tutorial* on my blog where I show you how to use your darling Whimsy Stamps to stamp on candles!  CLICK HERE to join me there!  (It's back when I very first started out designing for Whimsy...so just in case you missed it back then or would like to know this easy technique, I'd be happy to share it with you!)


  1. Fantastic tutorial, Vicki! I love the tag! :)

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    xxx Margreet

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    Th♥nks for sharing!

    hugs Regina

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    CU hellerlittle

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