Checkerboard Flowers

Hey Whimsy Fans, Dorinda here today.
I had so much fun playing with today's project using the 
following Whimsy Stamps Products:

 I am in love with Checkerboard Die. I wanted to create an elegant piece today. Plus I haven't had a good chance to play with the foamiran as much as I'd like.
Soooo, today's project was born
I started by cutting out a cardstock with the Checkerboard Die, framed it's back in a solid corresponding color.
Then with the Peony Flower Die Set's two smaller dies with the Foamiran - Purple to create one of the center flowers. The other, the white, was created with the medium size of 
Finally, I made a few smaller accent flowers with Peony Flower Die Set and Foamiran - Ivory.   Rose 
The little rose bud was done with Petal Die Set and Foamiran - Pink
I inserted some stamens to the flower centers, some pearls to a few little blocks and I am so excited with my finished card.
I can't wait to see what you create with this new Checkerboard Die

The video by Bev really helped. Check it out.

Whimsy Stamps Products links:

*NEW Checkerboard DieFoamiran 0.6mm IvoryFoamiran 0.6mm PurpleFoamiran 0.6mm PinkRose Petal Die SetPeony Flower Die


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