Share Your Space Sunday

Hi! my name is sue and I am part of the wonderful Whimsy Stamps designing team. We thought it would be fun to share with you what inspires and provides a special place for us to create all our whimsy creations! Therefore, the Design Team is going to be taking turns sharing with you our "creative areas". In addition, we would love to see our Whimsy fans' spaces too! would you care to share yours? where your "Mojo Magic" happens to create the beautiful things you do? IF so, then please share your link with us in the comments section on the This Sunday post so we can all find your blog and take a peek! Now, to give you a little background...we had just moved into a new rental home in March/ things were a little discombobulated for a bit. However, the room was able to be put back together in a few days. Here are some before pictures:

....and here are the After pics:

Now, what I have found in my experience with creating my own space? don't organize the room to just "look good" know what I mean? Organize it in a way that works best for YOU. In my room, I did it totally for convenience. I wasn't going for aesthetics. Everything I have is put in place to grab, use and put back quickly. I LOVE THAT. That's my favorite part about it. I would say to create the room for you to enjoy. Since your the one that will be working in there the majority of the time. I've enjoyed sharing these pics with you and would love to see some more craft spaces. Please DO NOT feel pressured to share. It's just fun to visit each other's places. :) It doesn't have to be fancy! remember! it's what works!!


  1. ooooh, Sue you have a lovely well organised craft room, you have done so well to have it so neat and tidy in only just over a month! Mine is still a wreck in over 6 months! tfs!

    hugs debx

  2. Sue your room is absolutely fabulous. I just love it and could stare at it for hours getting idea's for my own room. But sweetie what did you do with your puppy? You may want to check in one of those awesome bins cause he may have gotten scooped into one in your cleaning frenzy! Hee Hee
    Hugs Bonnie

  3. Oh it's so clean!!!!!! What a fabulous space!


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